If you’ve been before to Bolinao, Cabongaoan Death Pool in Anda or maybe the famous Hundred Islands, you may think you’ve “done” Pangasinan. I’d say no. Why? Because you have not ‘done’ Pangasinan until you’ve checked out it’s more remote, fascinating and unexplored towns.

These are located in the Western coastal part of Pangasinan, situated between the towns of Burgos and Bani. One of these, Agno, is a sleepy town caught in a time warp of yesteryear and boasts tranquil and virgin white-sand beaches and beautiful rock formations. The most well-known part is Umbrella Rocks situated near the Sabangan Beach, but there are more beaches waiting in Agno that are the stuff of postcards sent to family and friends to demonstrate what an amazing place you are in! One of them is the Abagatanen Beach – my birthplace, my hometown.


The Beach


Abagatanen is a relatively secluded area in Agno, Pangasinan. Abagatanen is a small fishing village, but since the beach is getting popular to tourist you can already notice the growing commercialism on the place. Roads are all concrete now from Agno Proper tho no buses or jeepneys pass around the place just yet. Expects that there’s no cell site/mobile reception in Abagatanen. Although is a good thing to those who would like to take a break in nature, is not only good for stress but fresh air and a brisk walk is good for your brain and your body.  Get out into the daylight, top up your Vitamin D, breathe in … and relax.


I’m happy to say, from a locals point of view, that this place is getting more accessible,  as there was a time that you needed to take a motorboat for an hour just to get to Agno Proper or, as I used to do, walk more than 10 kilometers twice a week just to go school at Agno National High School, but nowadays it’s fantastic to see that they now have their own High School.


You will love the natural geography and habitat of the place – from rivers flowing in an estuary that splits the sand in the rainy season, like a snakes tongue reaching out to see what is beyond, and the majestic mountains sometimes disappearing into velvet cushions of clouds and, needless to say, meter upon meter of unsullied pure creamy-white sand rushing to meet the crystal clear waters that teem with diverse and exotic aquatic life.


This is a sparsely populated area where everyone knows everyone and things have not changed for years, although there are some newly built cottages on the west side of the beach where prehistoric boulders mark the spot where fresh and salt water mingle in brackish concert.


It is here you will find Abagatanen Beach and although the sand is not as white and powdery as the famous white beaches on Boracay, you also will not find half of South East Asia fighting for a place to sit on the beach!  The water is crystal clear and shelves gently into the depth, making ideal for children and timorous swimmers and it is ideal for learning to snorkel, the especially first thing in the morning when it is generally as calm as a freshly ironed sheet.


Again, if you have smaller kids or just want to cool your feet off, there’s a small lagoon on the left side of the cove.  Water is crystal clear and children can play safely, also shaded by huge rocks that cast a cool shadow over the lagoon.  The rock theme continues under the water, but they a ponderous and smooth and easy under the foot and you can walk across them without stirring any sediment to spoil your views in the pristine clear sea.


Things to do?

  • Snorkeling
  • Camping
  • Rock formation Tour
  • Beach Bumming
  • Beach Hopping – 100 pesos per head. 5pax minimum.
  • – Visit Duro
    – Visit Ulgen
    – Visit Kibwar
    – Visit Sawit

As the beach is just gaining attraction, There aren’t any other things to do just yet, but then tot me that’s the main attraction – peace and tranquility!


Where to stay?

There are now transient houses and cottages you can stay if you visit the place. Tent pitching is also allowed without an extra fee.

  • Day Tour Cottages = Php 500.00
  • Overnight Cottages (Fan Room) = Php 1500.00
  • Air-conditioned room (Good for 15 pax) = Php 5,000.00
  • Tent for rent = Php 700.00 overnight good for 4-5

Make sure you all have the things needed before heading to Abagatanen Beach as there’s no markets or big stores in the area. Most of the establishments here have shared kitchens and parking lots.

Contact Details:

For more details, information, and reservations. text or call this number: +63-910-190-7174.


Photo Credits to: NathanPhotography23


If you’re looking for a beach that is untouched and still retains a magical aura of peace, beauty, and tranquility. You may add this beach to your Itinerary. Just less than 30 mins away from Abagatanen beach.

06.10.14123-525DCIM100MEDIADJI_0045.JPGClick here for detailed guide

How to get there?

🚗 Via Waze/Google Map:Just pin Abagatanen Beach.

🚌 Via Commute:

  • From Cubao or Pasay, take the Agno-bound bus (Five Star, Solid North or Dagupan Bus) and get off at the town proper of Agno. 5-6 hours ride.
  • But since Agno buses have limited trips daily, another option would be to take Alaminos or Bolinao-bound bus, and get off in Alaminos City and wait for a jeepney at CSI MALL going to Agno.

    Buses that ply the Manila-Pangasinan route:

    • Dagupan Bus Line (Quezon City to Dagupan) New York St., Cubao
    • Victory Liner (Quezon City to Dagupan & Alaminos) Cubao, Q.C.
    • Five Star Bus Line (Pasay City to Dagupan & Bolinao)
    • City Trans (Manila to Dagupan & Bolinao)
    • Philippine Rabbit (Quezon City to Dagupan & Bolinao) EDSA, Q.C.
    • Philippine Rapid Manila to Dagupan & Bolinao)
  • From Agno town proper rent a tricycle (good for 4) with a side trip to Umbrella Rocks and Abagatanen. It may cost P600 or more, two-way.

NOTE: This table is for your reference only. Bangan-Oda is still quite far from Agno Bayan (Agno Town Proper). 

Tricycle Rates from Bangan-Oda Crossing to:
Bayan 50.00 70.00
Dangley 70.00 100.00
Magsaysay 120.00 150.00
Namatucan / Tupa 250.00 300.00
Namacalan 150.00 200.00
Gayusan 300.00 350.00
Binabalyan 80.00 100.00
Boboy 120.00 150.00
Sabangan / Aloleng 150.00 200.00
Abagatanen 200.00 300.00
Patar / Viga 150.00 200.00
Calumbuyan 200.00 300.00
Cayungnan 50.00
*as of April 2018


Estimated Expenses

Cubao to Agno  EST. FARE
Ordinary 350.00
Air-conditioned 440.00
Pasay to Agno  (Air-conditioned)  451.00
Cubao to Alaminos 393.00
Pasay to Alaminos 403.00
Alaminos to Agno 40.00
Agno to Abagatanen (4pax) 300.00



Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 5.40.17 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-01-18 at 5.39.19 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-01-18 at 5.38.54 PM.png


  1. we will go there on 21st may magagamit po ba stove?saka may mabibilan po ba ng ice, uling at food provided din po ba pillows & linens


      1. Paano po pumuntang Pabrika beach from Abagatanen beach? Kung tricycle po, how much ung transpo? And ung rock formation tour po ba is ung sa umbrella Rock formation ba un and how much din po? Thank you.


  2. Hello po need pa po ba mag ride ng tricycle kahit may dalang car? Kaya po ba makapasok yung car papunta sa pinakadestination ?


      1. Hi jay.
        Good day. We are trying to call the number: 09101907174 but out of coverage area.
        Planning to go there but we need to reserve acoomodation muna para we we have a place to stay pagdating dun.
        Kasi we are approximately 20person with children.
        Any recomendation for a place to stay overnight in abagatanen beach? Beach front transient or whole house.
        Thank you.


  3. Hi ung umbrella rocks po ba pede is sidetrip ng tricycle before going to abagatanen?
    And may market po ba don?


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