Where to get cheaper Bohol tours?

CaptureIt’s better to plan your travel so you don’t have to waste hours in thinking if a place to go when you are there plus book your activities online beforehand as its way cheaper than buying it when you get there. For a less hassle trip going around Bohol, discover and book the best activities like:

⭐ Bohol Countryside Tour
⭐ Panglao Island Land Tour
⭐ Bohol Countryside with Panglao Highlights
⭐ Bohol Island Hopping
⭐ Tagbilaran Airport (TAG) or Tagbilaran Seaport Transfer for Panglao
⭐ Cebu-Bohol OceanJet Ferry Ticket


My sister and I recently went chasing waterfalls as part of our Bohol backpacking trip. We took a van ride from the Dao Bus Terminal from near the Island Mall. The departure times can be a bit of an unknown as it will not leave until it is fully occupied; we were quite lucky and only had to wait for 20 minutes. Fares are 100/pax one way. As and cheaper alternative you also have the option to take a bus or jeepney. We were dropped off in front of the Dimiao Public Market just along the highway.

We were not sure how to get from where we were dropped off to the waterfalls, but fortunately for us, there are locals there who was able to tell us how to get to them. He pointed us in the direction of the habal-habal drivers who were already there and waiting for passengers. Negotiations are needed. At first, they quoted us a pricey fare to reach the 3 waterfalls because they said it will not be an easy ride, but after the intervention of some locals they dropped their prices and we agreed at P750 per motorcycle (375/pax), roundtrip for the 3 waterfalls.

Places to Visit

1. Pahangog Twin Falls

  • Location: Guingoyuran, Dimiao, Bohol
  • Parking Fee – Free
  • Entrance Fee – Free
  • Cottage – Free

Our first waterfall to visit was Pahangog Twin Falls. It’s the farthest and hardest trek to reach of the 3 waterfalls. The habal-habal drivers took us to the nearest jump-off point so we just had a walk for 20 minutes but it felt like much more because of the heavily undulating and narrow pathway you had to take to get there.

3512We noticed that other tourists had been dropped by their motorcycles at another point and had to walk for 30 minutes, so respect to our guys!  The twin Falls are tall and beautiful with clear, refreshing water – they are simply superb.


Photo Credits to @markedventures


There was no entrance fee and although the water is deep, there are ropes around the lagoon for you to hold onto. If like us, you are not just satisfied with swimming in the lagoon you can climb to the top and although it was not an easy climb it is worth the extra effort and the drivers will help you get there.


2. Ingkumhan Falls

  • Location: Bauhugan, Dimiao Bohol
  • Parking Fee – Motorbike: Php10, Van Php20
  • Entrance Fee – Child: Php5, Adult: Php10
  • Bangka Fee – Php25
  • Cottage – Php100

Second on the list was the Ingkumhan Falls– and the walk to this one is moderately easy, which is just as well as it is the last and legs are getting tired! There is an entrance fee for this one 10 peso plus a parking fee for the motorcycle. We also paid P20 for using the bamboo raft. Although the lagoon is quite small,  it has clean and deep water but not a huge flow of water.

hustle (3).jpg
The scenery is beautiful, charming and serene. There were no supplied areas to leave your things if you’re climbing to the top, so if you do this you will just have to leave your belongings on top of the big rocks. We climbed the top and the other side of the waterfall, and although the pathway is not easy and you have to be careful, but an advantage of this is that you often have the place to yourself, as we did.

hustle (23)

3. Dam-agan Falls

  • Location: Catugasan, Dimiao, Bohol
  • Entrance Fee – Child: Php5, Adult: Php10
  • Cottage – Php100
  • Swimming is available

Finally on the day’s list was Dam-agan Falls. To get to this one it’s mostly easy trekking through coconut plantations and water irrigation fields, however, if it has recently rained you might want to give this one a miss as it gets way too muddy! The only challenging part of the walk is just before reaching the waterfall, where the land rises and becomes steep, and as there are no stairs or railings all you are able to hold on to are the roots of trees.

The waterfall is not very big and certainly not spectacular and the lagoon is wide with big rocks. The driver said it was very deep so we did not to chance a swim as you have to swim quite some distance in order to reach the waterfall itself, so unless you’re a very strong swimmer, give that a miss. We had some pictures taken at the edge in the shallow part!
escape journal

Photo 07-02-2017, 2 59 04 PM-2
Photo Credits to @markedventures

The drivers multitask doing the trek with you acting as a guide, take your pictures and even swim with you at all the waterfalls. We started at 9:30 AM and finished past 3 pm. The drivers had been super good – they even carried our bags for us. Returning to Tagbilaran we just rode a bus for a fare of P35/pax.

All 3 waterfalls are not far from each other so it’s a really good idea to visit all of them on the same day as you are already in the area.

4. Kayla’as Beach Resort

  • Location: Balbalan, Dimiao Dimiao Bohol
  • Entrance Fee: Free

After a tiring day of running around, this ocean side resort is a trendy and relaxing place to chill. The Kayla’a Beach Resort in Dimiao, is close to the Falls and can be found in the region of Holy Rosary Parish and Loboc Church.

Photo 07-02-2017, 6 01 23 PM-2

5. Alona Beach, Panglao

Photo 10-02-2017, 4 38 18 PM-2

Photo 11-02-2017, 10 45 36 AM-2
Photo Credits to @markedventures

Later in the afternoon when we headed back to Tagbilaran and decided to stay in Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol at Lennon’s Place for the night as we going on the Panglao Sea Tour the next morning. Alona Beach is not known for its crazy nightlife, it is more a quiet, romantic place at night. Restaurants set up candle-lit tables on the beach and couples and groups gather to eat good food and listen to live acoustic music right on the beach.

Photo 11-02-2017, 8 40 43 AM-2

There is a wide assortment of places to go near by with a good selection of bars, restaurants etc. Most of them are laid back and chilled so you can walk right in off the beach; probably best the remove the seaweed from your hair! If you happen to be a lover of sounds, then try the Jazz restaurant which has a live band on Friday nights and for those with a healthy appetite there are numerous stalls selling fresh seafood right cooked on the grill right in front of you.

We are lucky enough that at that time Badi’s Bar just opened so we got free drink 😉



Other Attractions in Dimiao

  • Dimiao Church
    The Dimiao church is dedicated to San Nicolas Tolentino. Built during the later half of the 19th century, the church houses relics hailing from Spanish colonial days. Exactly when the parish was founded, is uncertain, although baptism records date back to the year 1750. A building stands behind the church that served once as a convent and is now a school.
  • Ermita Ruins
    The Ermita Ruins are the ruins of a coralline limestone structure built during the Spanish Regime. They run parallel to the name of the St. Nicholas Tolentino Church in the town of Dimiao, Bohol. In its time it had allegedly been used as a military fortress, a chapel and a burial site of the for the Spanish clergy. Extensive archaeological excavations were undertaken between 1995 and 1998 in an attempt to learn more about its history.
  • Balbalan Beach
    Balbalan Beach is a lengthy stretch of white sandy beach facing the Mindanao Sea. Not far from the town center, the waters are clean and clear, and ideal for swimming. Further out from the beach there are coral reefs and a great place to go diving. Sailing is also active in the area.
  • Imelda Beach
    Imelda Beach is another white sand beach surrounded by coconut palm trees. The waters are clear and unpolluted. It is fairly easy to get to as it is just off the National Highway.

You may also try Can-Umantad Falls in  Candijay, Bohol.

  • Entrance Fee: 20 per person
  • Parking Fee: motorbike=10Php, 4wheel=20php
  • Open every day 7:00am to 5:00pm


Getting around Dimiao

Take your choice of numerous ways of getting around to see the various waterfalls in Bohol. Options include renting a car/van/jeep/motorbike or taking a ride on a bus. For me it was a no-brainer – rent your own transport because the distance from one waterfall to another is quite far and the buses are not as frequent as they might be, so unless you want to wait around, hire!

Itinerary & Expenses

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 11.17.04 AMFull Itinerary & Detailed Post: Bohol Travel Guide

Tips & Reminders

  1. Rent your own vehicle and ideally a motorbike as some of the roads are not really suitable for cars.
  2. There are no real opening and closing times – if the locals see there is an opportunity to earn from tourists they are happy to help.
  3. Most of this falls don’t have safety features like life vests and lifeguards.
  4. The stairs for reaching and leaving the waterfalls can be steep and dangerous – exercise caution always.
  5. If you are going to take a leap from the top of one of the waterfalls into the lagoons below, be sure to be safe and don’t attempt it unless you’re super confident. Not so long ago there was an unfortunate accident where a visitor attempted the leap and miscalculated. They landed on the rocks instead of the water.
  6. Take sunblock and insect repellents.
  7. It is best to bring your own food and water.
  8. Globe, Smart, and Sun have no mobile signal in town.
  9. Please pick up your trash and take it home or dispose of properly.
  10. If you have knee problems like rheumatism or has a hard time in walking a long distance or on stairs then this place is not best for you.


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  1. Are the Dimiao falls accessible by a car? Which one should we visit first if we are from Anda?. I hope you could help.


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