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4D3N Bohol Travel Guide
DAY 1: 1,000 pesos Travel Guide to Anda & Candijay, Bohol
DAY 2: Bohol Countryside Tour | 1,000 pesos Travel Guide w/ free Accommodation
DAY 3: Chasing Waterfalls in Dimiao, Bohol
DAY 4: Panglao Island Hopping: Dolphin Watching, Balicasag Island, Virgin Island & Alona Beach

Where to get cheaper Bohol tours?

CaptureIt’s better to plan your travel so you don’t have to waste hours in thinking if a place to go when you are there plus book your activities online beforehand as its way cheaper than buying it when you get there. For a less hassle trip going around Bohol, discover and book the best activities like:

⭐ Bohol Countryside Tour
⭐ Bohol Countryside with Panglao Highlights
⭐ Panglao Island Land Tour
⭐ Bohol Island Hopping
⭐ Tagbilaran Airport (TAG) or Tagbilaran Seaport Transfer for Panglao
⭐ Cebu-Bohol OceanJet Ferry Ticket


Bohol is the premier tourist destination in the Philipines. Like most things in life, you need to experience it for yourself what a natural wonder this place is and what great historical spots can be found there such as the world-renowned Chocolate Hills.

My sister and I joined up with 8 other people (connected thru FB) who had hired a van for the day at a cost of Php1,800 not including entrance fees. In short, the cost of getting from one place to another came down to Php180 per person. Great value, but there is also the alternative of getting bikes and private cars.

Van rental was through Kuya Darunday Jhoel (09-484-076-476) of Bohol Fun Tours and if you use their services you get free accommodation as well. So get 10 people together and it’s super fantastic value.

Pickup and drop-off point: Within Tagbilaran City (hotel/seaport/airport) and any hotel/resort in Panglao.

Places to Visit

1. Phyton Sanctuary


2. Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are considered as one of the world’s famous natural wonders.
This is by no means an exaggeration by the way – it’s a wonderful spectacle!
Thousands of brown and green hills are located in a fantastic random way as far as the eye can see. If you are going to Bohol, this is one you would be super foolish to miss!

hustle (15)img_8216-1

Nearby the Chocolate Hills you can also experience riding on some ATVs across rugged and muddy specified trails – it’s a close-up and personal experience with some adrenalin thrown in for good measure – is a must for the thrill seeker!


Photo credits to Roanne Tañagras

3. Shiphaus

(L-R) Kristian, Patrick, Sarah, Tita Marie, Adele, Ela, Cary, Roanne, My sister Jess and I 🙂

4. Tarsier Conservation Center

The Tarsier is among the world’s smallest primates and is an endangered species. Bohol is one of the last places to see these super cute, googly-eyed, tree climbing miracles of nature in their natural habitat. The species is classified as vulnerable to extinction and the Philippines Tarsier Foundation needs all the support it can get to protect and hopefully restore the native population of this amazing creature.


Bohol Gang! (L-R) My sister Jess, Me, Kristian, Cary, Ela, Tita Marie, Roanne, Adele, Sarah, Patrick, Peter, Kuya Jhoel!

5. Bilar Man-made Forest

Literally, thousands of mahogany trees that have been planted by locals over years and years can be found in Bilar’s Man-Made Forest. It’s a furniture makers dream, but look don’t touch! It’s a great opportunity to chill out and feel the breeze in your hair and take some pictures among the towering trees.

Be mindful when taking a selfie or photo on the highway.


6. Hanging Bridge

Not for the faint-hearted but if you’re looking for a little adventure, cross the Loboc Hanging Bridge and feel the adrenalin rush. This bridge is made of bamboo and is suspended over a small river and gives the impression of maybe, if, can it hold your weight haha – let you into a secret……it can, well maybe not if you’re a Sumo Wrestler!

Hanging Bridge

7. Loboc River Cruise

It’s not a Caribbean cruise liner but it’s a great way to see the flora and fauna while floating down the Loboc river inside a restaurant. Be enthralled by the captivating view of tropical palms and trees while being treated to a sumptuous lunch and music.




The tour starts very early so we didn’t have the chance to eat breakfast. Kaya ibawi niyo sa buffet mga bes!


8. Butterfly Conservation Center

You would never think there are so many variants in the butterfly world, but this place will change your opinion of that. The Bohol Butterfly Conservation Center or the Butterfly Garden is home to hundreds of butterfly species. You can see the different stages of the butterfly’s development as well as specimens of live and preserved butterflies and moths.


9. Blood Compact Shrine

The Blood Compact Shrine in Barangay Bool, Tagbilaran City, is the alleged site where the treaty of friendship between Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and Rajah Sikatuna was instigated. This treaty was formalized by drinking a mixture of blood mixed with wine, and it is said that this is how the treaty became known as the “Blood Compact”.
Bottles of the original recipe are available at all good supermarkets! (It’s a joke)


10. Baclayon Church and Museum

Baclayon Church is built of the original stones of one of the oldest churches in the country, which was badly damaged and had to be reconstructed, after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in 2013. The faithfully followed original design dates back to 1727 when it was founded by the Jesuits, although it has been a religious site since 1596. You can also find here some historical info from the Philippine Spanish colonial period and there are numerous religious relics and artifacts to be seen.


Before you leave you can buy usual sugar laden sweets plus some mementos of local scenery as souvenirs at the Aproniana Souvenir Shop.

11. Aproniana Souvenir Shop

Aproniana Souvenir

Entrance Fees:

🚩 Python Sanctuary 45/pax
🚩 Chocolate Hills 50/pax
⚠️ ATV Ride 450/pax
🚩 Shiphaus
🚩 Tarsier Sanctuary 50/pax
🚩 Man Made Forest
🚩 Hanging Bridge 20/pax
🚩 Loboc River Cruise (Buffet Lunch Included) 450/pax
🚩 Butterfly Conservation Center 45/pax
🚩 Souvenir Shopping
🚩 Blood Compact Shrine
🚩 Baclayon Church and Museum 50/pax

Countryside Tour
Itinerary & Expenses

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 8.23.01 PMFull Itinerary & Detailed Post: Bohol Travel Guide

Tips & Reminders

  • Bring a student ID or a senior citizen card because they offer discounts.
  • For short distances, a motorbike is a good choice.
    Php500 w/out the driver, Php800 w/ driver for the Countryside Tour.
  • For traveling between town, public transport such as buses and jeepneys, while safe, can be unreliable due to erratic schedules. If you want to see a lot of places within a short period of time, then public transport is not a good idea. For speed’s sake either hire a private vehicle with a driver or join a tour.
  • Self-drive car rentals are also available, P1500 to P2500. The great thing about the self-drive is, if there is a group of you, you can divide the cost between you and you are in charge of the time!
  • Another good option is to just join a pre-arranged group tour. You will join other groups and the cost will be divided among the group just like what we did.


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 5.40.17 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-01-18 at 5.39.19 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-01-18 at 5.38.54 PM.png




  1. Hi po,

    Ask ko lang po kung pwede yung driver yung maghanap po ng kasama or dapat po kami?
    And if kami po, in your case, paano po kayo naghanap ng kasama?

    Thank you.

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    1. Kayo po maghahanap or you can ask the driver din if pwede kayo isama.. ang nangyari kasi sa amin is naghanap kami ng mga makakasabayan sa facebook travel groups like byahen budgetarian or diy Philippines kaya nabuo kami.. tho another option is via klook po you may join their hassle free tours


  2. Goodeve sir… Ask ko lang po if alam nyo kung meron bang pwedeng ma hire na habal2x w/ guide sa bohol Tubigon port or sa Tagbilaran port??? Kung meron po alam nyo po kung magkano yung rate nila?? Thanks po… 🙂

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