Quezon Province has always been a favorite place to me because it houses the most pristine beaches and unspoiled islands I have ever witnessed; and just this weekend, I have been blessed to discover and explore another island in this Province that has been written in my bucket list for sometime, the Jomalig Island.

So where is this island?

Jomalig is located in the eastern part of Quezon. It is considered as one of the smallest and farthest island municipality in the province and at present, the population is roughly around 8,000 people only. The island is being cultivated for agricultural purposes that is why most of the inhabitants in Jomalig depend their livelihood largely on agricultural produce like coconuts and other root crops aside from the obvious marine resources they get from the ocean.

The Journey

Have you ever had that feeling when you meet someone for the first time but feels like you have known him/her your entire life? That’s just what happened among us! Sons and daughters from different mothers have finally crossed paths! (L-R) Bianca, Chris, Charm, Charisse, Jungie, Mark, Lance, Glen

It was around 11:30 PM when we rode the bus bound to Infanta, Quezon. It was the usual feeling when traveling by land at night not until the bus’ gas tank leaked. It was my first time to experience such daunting situation and I thought that we will need to cancel the planned outreach because of such unforeseen event since we might not be able to catch the boat bound to Jomalig but thankfully, Raymond Bus Company had managed to call for a rescue and for about an hour or two of waiting, our journey continued. It was past 6 o’clock in the morning when we arrived at Ungos Port (Real, Quezon) and we were lucky enough to catch the boat bound to the Island! The weather was fine and the ocean was calm so it was a smooth sailing trip going to the island that lasted for about five hours.

Mercraft boat for Php 400 (no food included)

The exhaustion felt from the almost 10 hours of travel by land and by sea combined had been paid off once we arrived in the area because we were welcomed by the island’s stretched golden shoreline with its crystal clear water and lovely locals.


We proceeded to Jojomalig Resort where we stayed for the entire duration of our trip. The place was inviting because it was in beachfront and the staffs were all smiling and accommodating.

Jomalig Island 102
Jojomalig’s Resort. Photo Credit to: C’est La Vie, Charisse

After a bit of rest and a sumptuous lunch, we decided to go and explore the island. Since we have two lovely girls with us, we decided for an island hopping via boat instead of the usual Habal-Habal.

Photo Credit: the_travelhanker
Little Batanes in Jomalig Island

Indeed, Jomalig is a beauty. It is no doubt that all of the travelers who have paid a visit to this island had fallen in love with it. It is an all in one island that has its own version of Kalanggaman, Boracay, and Batanes. The fact that it is a far-flung area, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Metro Manila, this is a good place for those who are seeking an escape.



Little Boracay
Jomalig Island 8
Kanaway Island

But behind its beauty is something amiss, unexpectedly so – there lies people (especially kids) mostly in dire need of help!

Although it is an obviously known fact about Jomalig, the help that the locals are getting are still limited. And since the Island is in a remote location it made this town deprived of the privileges of education, technology, health concerns and accessibility.

With the help of  NutriAsia Inc. and other people who have extended their hands to help materialize our purpose, we were able to accomplish the goal of this travel collaboration, to look beyond what we can see. 


Jomalig Island 40

To travel with a purpose is the new trend that travelers and visitors alike must adapt. It is not a responsibility to make but a duty call for humanity.

Jomalig Island 36
Prepping for tomorrow’s event, giving school supplies for the kids of Jomalig


A little something for the kids.

Jomalig Island 51

Jomalig Island 63

Jomalig Island 70.jpg

Their smiles were enough to say what words could not and their laughter were one of the most beautiful sounds we have ever heard. These were the indications that we have made their day a little bit special and at the same time, it made our hearts satisfied because they have appreciated the efforts we have done.

Jomalig Island 87


As we traveled back to Manila, we knew that even just for a little, we made a difference and that what matters most and for that, I would like to thank Jungie and Glen for inviting me to become a part of this cause, to Lance, Charisse and her whole family for the good company, to all those who have provided help in anyways and above all to God for giving us the strength and courage to accomplish this mission.

Jomalig Island 92

Do you want to be a part of our cause? Join us this coming September 1-3, 2017!!!

Let us work hand in hand to help these children reach their dreams and as well as to help their community to move forward. Any help will be gladly entertained because all of these things, small or big, will go a long way!


For any inquiries/donation, please contact me directly through the following:

Or you can also contact my team thru their respective accounts below:

How to get there?

From Legarda, catch a Raymond Bus bound to Infanta and tell the conductor that you are going to Jomalig Island. Drop off point is at Ungos Port. The fare is 170 for non-air-conditioned bus. For Van and Air-conditioned buses, fare is around 200-220 pesos. The first trip is at 11:30PM.

Once at Ungos Port, ride a boat bound for Jomalig. Fare depends on what type of boat you will choose. For our case, we rode in a Mercraft boat and paid Php 400.

  • Some of the boats going to the island serves lunch, while there are some that do not. So as a tip, you can bring some food and water with you because the travel time is at least 4.5 hours
  • Note that there is no specific time when will the boat leave. For our case, the Mercraft boat left around 6:45 in the morning. So better be early so that you won’t miss the boat.

Where to Stay?

There are many resorts where you can choose from in Jomalig. Usually, a nipa hut can be rented out for Php 500 that is already good for 2-3 persons inclusive of foam, blankets, pillows, electricity and restroom/shower room use.

For those who love camping, you may pitch your tent for free at Salibungot beach area.

For our case, we got the services of Kuya Jojo of Jojomalig Resort. You may contact him thru his number: 09399034275

Note: Electricity in the island is powered by Solar energy in the morning and generator at night.


Going around Jomalig Island

Going around Jomalig Island can be done either by land tour or sea tour. For an inland tour via habal-habal, you can have their services for 600 pesos per pax. On the other hand, for sea tour, it will depend on your agreement with your boatmen.


Budget Breakdown

  • Van from Legarda Raymond Bus Terminal en route to Real, Quezon Php 220 (bus is Php195)
  • Boat from Port Real, Quezon to Jomalig Island Php 400
  • Environmental Fee Php 170
  • Jojomalig Resort Php 250 per head overnight [Php 1000 (nipa hut good for 4 pax) or Php 500 (good for 2 pax)]
  • Jojomalig Resort food service Php 400 per head (2 lunches, 1 breakfast, 1 dinner)
  • Island hopping Php 300 per head (Php 3000/boat which can accommodate 8-10 pax or Habal Habal Php 600 / head )
  • Boat pickup from docking area to Jojomalig Resort Php100
  • Resort entrance fee Php 100
  • Attractions fee for the island hopping Php 110 total
  • Boat going back to Real, Quezon Php 400
  • Van going back to Manila Php 220 (bus is Php195)

Total budget per head for our trip : Php 2670

Source: Charisse De Vera owner of C’est La Vie, Charisse

Actual Itinerary

Day 0
11:30 PM ETD to Real via Raymond Bus in Legarda
Day 1
5:00 AM ETA in Real Port
6:30 AM Departure to Jomalig Island
11:30 AM Arrival at Jomalig Island
11:30-1:00 PM Rest/ Lunch/ Prepare for island tour
1:00 PM Start of Island Tour
6:00 PM End of Tour
6:00-7:00 PM Rest/ Wash Up
7:00-8:00 PM Dinner
8:00-9:00 PM Preparation of Things for the Actual outreach program the next day
9:00 PM onwards Lights Off
Day 2
6:00 AM Wake Up
7:00 AM Breakfast
8:00-11:00 AM Outreach Program
11:00-12:00 NN Free Time
12:00-1:00 PM Lunch/Pack Things
1:30 PM Departure from Jomalig to Real Port
5:30 PM Arrival at Real Port
6:00 PM Departure from Real Port to Manila via Van
9:30 PM Back to Manila

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