Quezon Province has always been a favorite spot when it comes to beautiful islands- from its white beaches, crystal clear oceans and island hopping activities. For a considerably lower price than those in demand beaches that will cost you thousands of pesos, it is no doubt that Quezon province wears one of the crowns for the best affordable places to visit in the Philippines.


 Puting Buhangin Beach


The infamous Kwebang Lampas and Puting Buhangin Beach is located at Isla Polo, Pagbilao Quezon that is a four to five hours drive from Metro Manila. Basically, the name of the island was coined as the island doesn’t only offers its visitors its white beach and clear waters but also offers a magnificent cave that can be visited during low-tides that is around 7AM to 10AM. There are two families managing the disputed area (disputed since both sides have not yet settled their concerns with each other regarding who really has the jurisdiction over the Island, their case has been moved up to the SC) The only problem when visiting this place is that everything here is too pricey so better bring everything you need. However, nothing beats a good experience, right? So better put this island on your bucket list for 2017.

Kwebang Lampas


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How to get there?

There are options to choose from when visiting Kwebang Lampas:

Option 1: Ride a bus from Cubao, Pasay or Quezon City that are bound to Quezon Province and tell the conductor to drop you off at Lucena Grand Terminal. You may opt to ride Jam Liner bus at Cubao or Jac Liner at Pasay, Quezon City.

From Lucena Grand Terminal you have the following options:

  • Hire a tricycle from Lucena Grand Terminal that will take you directly to Kwebang Lampas drop off point. Price usually range from 400-450 pesos that is good for four persons.
  • You can ride a mini-bus bound to Calauag or Bicol and tell the conductor to drop you off at Isla Polo Crossing. From crossing, you will hire a tricycle that will take you to jump off point for at least 350pesos that is good for four persons.
  • (Based on “Chances”) There is a jeepney at Lucena Grand Terminal that offers a ride going to Kwebang Lampas for 100pesos per head only. No fixed schedule but you may contact them beforehand via this contact number: 0909 028 7466 Lolly (This is actually recommended for big groups since you can hire the whole jeepney for lesser amount compared to chartering tricycles, just negotiate with Lolly’s dad)

Option 2: You can choose to ride a bus that is bound directly to Calauag or Bicol and tell the conductor to drop you off at Isla Polo Crossing and from there, you can hire a tricycle that will take you to the jump-off point and it will cost you at least 350 pesos good for four.

What to do?

  • Beach Bumming/Swimming
  • Caving
  • Snorkeling
  • Stargazing
  • Island Hopping if you have an extra budget (Dampalitan and Borawan Islands)


  1. If you are in a big group (10 or more), you may contact Lolly and her father through this number 0909 028 7466. Negotiate with them for the price that is both great for both sides.
  2. If you are a group of 2 to 4, you may opt to hire a tricycle from Lucena GT that will take you to the jump-off point. Less hassle. Haggle the price for 450 pesos.
  3. Bring everything you need to save money. Bring enough supply of food and water. Everything here is too pricey. 
  4. Bring your power banks. As I said, everything here is too expensive.
  5. You can also contact this number 09072189845- Lukang Guest to avoid paying tent pitching fee of 200 pesos. Once you arrive at the jump-off point, just tell them that you are guests of Lukang Family.
  6. You can rent a tent for 350 pesos. Good for two.
  7. You can rent a Cottage for 500 Day tour and 700 for overnight.
  8. Entrance fee depends on what time of the day you arrive as per Lolly’s testament hahaha! Usually, entrance fee for a day tour costs 125 pesos and for overnight is 185 pesos inclusive of the boat ride to cross the lake between the jump off point the island itself.
  9. Once you crossed the lake between the jump off and the island itself, you have the option to either trek for 10 to 15minutes or ride an overpriced boat that will take you to the oceanfront. (Better of course if you will trek)
  10. Taking a bath? Be prepared since the water is too expensive. 50 pesos per gallon bes! (I recommend Lukang Guest. Same price but better CR)





Summary of Expenses 

JAM Liner Bus to Lucena GT RT Php. 426
Jeep to Polo Crossing 25
Tricycle to Kwebang Lampas (350/2) 175
Jeep fr. Kwebang Lampas to Lucena Grand 100
Tent Pitching Fee (200/2) 100
Registration – Overnight 185
Food (400/2) 200
Shower Fee (100/2) 50
Total  Php. 1,261



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  1. buti nalang nakita ko tong website nato, kung hindi baka pumunta kami don ng sarado. Ano napong update? 16 years old lang po ako, balak kong ilibre family ko (lagpas siguro kami ng 10). Pwede po ba pumunta don gamit ang sariling car? para makatipid. Saan niyo po makikita kun close pa sila or hindi para hindi kana mabulabog pa. Magkano po ang entrance fee for adult and child? parehas lang ba?


          1. wanna ask kung pwede ang motorcycle from pagbilao proper going to kwebang lampas….we’re planning to ride with the group going there…tnx mam…


  2. Hi, is Puting Buhangin available for overnight stay? Do you have any contact number we may get for infos and boat rentals? Salamat.

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