Make your day a glitter-filled
🌈 Bag of Rainbows and🌈
💨 🦄 Unicorn farts 🦄 💨


Every cafe I have visited has its own distinct ambiance and just recently, I came to visit a Unicorn themed cafe located in Malolos, Bulacan that is a first in the Philippines!

CREDIT TO: Maria Isabel Del Rosario

The Cafe

The area is a pastel coloured two-floor cafe that can only accommodate less than 20 persons (a few more if you don’t mind sharing your personal space in a more cozy way) and is strategically located in the owners’ home at 1200 ARBE Mac Arthur Hi-way Malolos City, Bulacan.

It serves customers from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M. Mondays to Sundays.  It is air-conditioned but sadly not cold enough to keep customers from sweating while dressed in their Unicorn Onesies. The place is ideally suited to sitting Indian style, crossed legged on the floor and I think this is a better option than having chairs as it saves a lot of space and since this is a Unicorn themed Cafe, there are lots of Unicorn stuff toys and it’s great being a Unicorn for a day!



CREDIT TO: Maria Isabel Del Rosario

Disclaimer: The ambiance of the place is not literally an Instagrammable one once you set foot in it so you’ll have to be creative in the way you compose your pictures.

How to get there?

You have two options in order to visit this place. You may opt to ride a bus or a Van. Either way, travel time is around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

If you are near Cubao, you can ride at Baliwag Transit with trips going to “Tabang-Malolos” or just beside the Transit (near Dunkin Donuts) you can ride a van. Bus fare is at Php 58 while Php 60 for the Van.

Another option is to ride a Van located at the transport terminal in Trinoma. Just look for the Vans which have trips to Malolos-Bulacan. Fare is at Php 60.

Tell the driver/conductor to drop you off at Palawan Express just beside the Land Bank of the Philippines that is few meters away from Robinson’s place (this is to avoid walking from Robinson’s Place to the cafe). From there, you will be able to see a house painted with pastel colors (PINK and BLUEGREEN).

Going back to Manila?

Walk straight to Robinsons Place Malolos. Cross from the footbridge and from there, you can already wait for buses going to Cubao. Fare is Php 58

If you opt for a van, hire a tricycle that will bring you to Malolos Crossing where the Van Terminal is located. Trike Fare is Php. 30 for two. Van fare is at Php 60.

Tip: Aside from saving from the trike fare, it is more comfortable riding a bus because it is more ventilated compared to a van but if you prefer for a faster trip, go for the van.

Budget and the Food


Twin Star Meal for PGP 350 and Fried&Nuggets for Php 129 🙂
Bacon w/ Egg and Chicken Tocino w/ Egg for Php 79 each; Mojos for Php 99 🙂

Tip: Order something that will cost Php 250 min, and you can have a free use of one Onesie of your choice saving a rental fee of Php 100.

Note: In my opinion, although the price is very affordable as per the menu list, the quality and quantity of the food is somewhat ‘ordinaire’ as it is plain but I understand that there is a mission uunderwayto improve on multiple levels in the near future.



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