Cuenca, Batangas
Elevation: Rockies (706 Masl); Summit (930 Masl)
Difficulty: 4/9
Guide: Mandatory/Required

I have always been wanting to climb the infamous Mt Maculot located at Cuenca Batangas ever since I have seen the picturesque view from its summit– overlooking Taal Lake including the renowned Taal volcano. Just this weekend, I have been able to visit this mountain and it was undeniably beautiful, indeed!

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Climbing this mountain requires great endurance as its trail is a never-ending ascent. Along the way, there are stores where you can buy something that can cleanse your thirst or something you can chew on. However, most of these stores seldom open on a weekday. 

The 7/11 of Mt. Maculot!


After one and a half hour of trekking, we finally reached the campsite. From there, it will only take you about fifteen minutes to go to the Rockies. Please take extra care when you want to have a photo in the famous spot at the Rockies because a wrong move might cause you your life.


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After your exhausting yet invigorating hike, you would want to visit the biggest catholic church in Asia, the Taal Church, which is just a jeepney away from Cuenca. No entrance fee except if you want to explore the bell tower, it will cost you 50 pesos.

You may also want to try Don Juan, a boodle-fight restaurant near Taal church. 

I thought the serving was big because the price is high and it was advertised as good for 6persons. We ordered the Inihaw Boodle for 1199 but to my disappointment, it wasn’t what I expected. They also have a service charge of 6 to 8%.

So there you go, another fun filled adventure has been experienced. Thank you guys for the company til’ our next adventure!

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How to get there?

🚌🚍From Cubao or Buendia, ride a bus (Jam Liner) that is bound to Lemery and tell the conductor to drop you off at Cuenca, Batangas.

πŸš•πŸš– At Cuenca, hire a tricycle that will take you to the registration area and at the jump off point.

Sidetrip at Taal. How to get there?

🚌🚍 At Cuenca, ride a jeep bound to Lemery and tell the driver to drop you off at Simbahan (Taal Church).

Going back to Metro Manila?

❌ w/out sidetrip

: You can wait at Cuenca for buses bound for Metro Manila. Just cross from the other side of the road at the drop off point.
βœ” w/ side trip

: From Taal Church, ride a jeepney and tell the driver to drop you off at Flying V gasoline station, from there wait for buses that are bound to Metro Manila.



βœ” Food is available at the jump off point (Mondays to Sundays). ** They have Silog menu and Lomi for 40pesos per order
βœ” The stores along the trail seldom open during weekdays. So if you plan to climb during weekdays, bring food. Otherwise, your only option is the food available at the jump off point.
βœ” A guide is required.
βœ” When in the Rockies, be mindful of your footsteps to avoid untoward incident.
βœ” There’s a CR at the campsite.
βœ” Respect other mountaineers.


Itinerary depends on your preferences whether you only want a day hike or an overnight camping. Also, it will depend on either you go for traverse or not. In addition, the expenses listed below is for fare only. I have excluded the food expense since this expense will depend on you.

Summary of Expenses
Bus Cubao Jam Liner to Cuenca Php.155
Trike RT 40
Registration Fee 20 20
Guide Fee (400/4) 100
Jeep fr. Cuenca to Taal Church 27
Taal Church to Flying V 8
Flying V to Boni 170
Total Php. 520

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  1. Looking for a tourguide??? Come climb with me and experience the beauty of nature in MT. MACULOT…
    Just contact me po…Jhaypee Malate (09269960145) at your service. (Mt. Maculot tourguide)
    See you guys…Godbless!!!

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